This site was started by a person who had a very negative experience with Divorce Attorney Peter Cedeno, and then found that my reviews and feedback of this individual silenced and repressed. My reviews were removed on various sites like Avvo, Lawyers.com and Google. To make things even worse the removed reviews were replaced with obviously fake positive reviews that praised Peter Cedeno and bare no resemblance to the person I dealt with. So this is the place for the truth about Divorce Attorney Peter Cedeno to come out. He will not be able to scrub his feedback here. 

How it works 

I invite you to submit your honest review of Mr. Peter Cedeno via email to admin@petercedenoreview.com

Once received, I will review and as long as they do not violate our terms (profanity, identifying info) I will post them. This is the place for honest, UNALTERED feedback, so that the truth is out there and Mr. Cedeno cannot bait others into working with him under false assumptions.  A place where Mr. Cedeno can no longer manipulate the system.