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Pathetic and Unethical

Really?? Does anyone ever bother checking Peters ratings on all the websites? He is either rating himself(which would be really sad) or someone is doing it deliberately for him. He is the WORST lawyer with ZERO ethics. Do your research on him!!

Deceptive and Expensive

He’s slick and very well polished and I don’t mean it in a good way. All you need to do is a search under his name and look for stories in ny post and daily news. Do you want a lawyer with this type of judgement (or lack thereof) representing you during...

He Got Nothing Done

Badmouthed my ex as an “idiot” and told me the judge would decree that my ex was a “crazy unfit parent”. The opposite happened – plus he jacked me for fees. Thanks SO MUCH, Peter. 

Crazy Bill – Do Not Hire

i’m not the type to normally leave reviews because I am very busy and don’t have the time but I have to here. This man is just not what he claims to be, plain & simple. I had a simple case. FFS it was uncontested! Well, it didn’t end up...

Dishonest Lawyer

Judging by these reviews and what I read hear I am not alone. That’s comforting. Hey, what can I add? Don’t hire him. Althought I cant promise you will find an honest divorce attorney (maybe that’s like a unicorn, i dunno) I can tell you...

Fake Reviews?

It took much longer than he promised.  Mr. Cedeno seemed distracted all of the time.  Not sure who wrote his reviews on  but they do not seem real at all.