Crazy Bill – Do Not Hire

i’m not the type to normally leave reviews because I am very busy and don’t have the time but I have to here. This man is just not what he claims to be, plain & simple. I had a simple case. FFS it was uncontested! Well, it didn’t end up uncontested and can I say that I blame this man for that fact.

He sowed the seeds of anger and basically lied to the other side, pretended, “forgot”, “misunderstood”. You know the drill, or you can guess, right??? At the end it was “that’s the way divorce goes” for his part + a HUGE bill. When I finally spoke with ex I discovered Mr. Cedeno’s lies. Lies lies lies! It’s unreal, this guy. So I disputed his bill. I’m telling you this guy’s goal is to cause problems so that you fight with your ex and he can charge more. Unbelievable! Don’t hire! 

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