Deceptive and Expensive

He’s slick and very well polished and I don’t mean it in a good way. All you need to do is a search under his name and look for stories in ny post and daily news. Do you want a lawyer with this type of judgement (or lack thereof) representing you during one of the most difficult times in your life? It’s tough¬† enough finding a good lawer, this should make you pass and move on to the next one. Call the NYC Bar Legal Referral Service for help in finding a lawyer.¬†

Let’s see if Mr. Cedeno has “no record or recollection of any customer experience fitting your description …” of the above incident with Ms. Pacelli. Has he mentioned this to anyone who has met him for consultation?

Stay away from him. He does not have your best interests at all. He just wants to milk you with fees by taking unnecessary legal actions at the moment when you are most vulnerable in order to pay for his legal costs (see above). Do you yourself a favor and do not disclose your liquid financial assets unless you decide to retain him and only after you get a sense of the legal costs and what type of motions he plans on filing. Don’t be lulled by the lower upfront retainer fee. That is where the lawyers get you. It’s at the backend where they get you. They tell you what you know want to hear and promise you the moon… which means often unnecesssary motions that are very profitable for them… ie 3500 to 5000 per court appearance for frivolous motions.

He does none of the actual legal work. He just has an associate toiling away. 

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